Frequently Asked Questions

Pawn loans are the easiest and most accessible way to borrow money without going through lengthy credit checks and banking statements. You only need a photo of your valid ID. Bring your valuables to us, let us appraise them, and we’ll give you instant cash for them. The pawn loan term is 30 days, plus a 30-day grace period. If you can’t repay your loan on time, we offer renewals and extensions. Alternatively, you can choose to surrender the item(s) to serve as payment in full for the loan.
When you can’t pay the loan in full by its due date, we can renew the loan, depending on state law. When renewing a loan, we reset the due date for another full loan term. Everything else (principal loan amount and interest) remains the same. This enables you to get a second chance to pay off the loan in full!

If you can’t pay the loan in full when it’s due, we’ll extend the loan by a day, but you’ll be required to pay a portion of the total interest you owe on the loan. This is very helpful for many of our customers, especially when unexpected events occur.

The only way you can forfeit your ownership of the pawned item permanently is by not repaying your loan. If you do repay the loan on time, you’ll get the item back in its original condition. We maintain all pawned items in the same condition we received them.
Any pawnbroker on the market is required to have a license issued by the State of Florida. So yes, we are fully licensed. We are also licensed by each municipality we operate in.
The loan amounts, finance charges, and purchase amounts are negotiable, since we’re very open to new deals and bargains. A New Hocke Shoppe is customer-friendly and professional, yet also flexible and versatile.